CMC Property Services is a national commercial cleaning and property maintenance company. We are specialists in the cleaning and maintenance of offices, retail outlets, commercial buildings, multi-sites, educational and aged care facilities.


In 2014, we celebrated 20 years of industry service. Through our commitment to excellence and drive to be better, we have earned a prominent reputation and enjoyed significant growth in the commercial cleaning industry.


We are a provider of integrated property maintenance services offering; contract cleaning, maintenance services, carpet steam cleaning, professional window cleaning, graffiti removal and emergency property related services.



Our customers span across the commercial, government, educational, corporate, multi-site, office (major high-rise structures), aged care and retail industries. With offices in most states, CMC operates in capital, regional cities and most regional areas throughout Australia and New Zealand.


Our extensive experience in cleaning, complete facility services and reporting provides us with a clear insight into our customer's
needs, and enables us to continuously deliver a service that is thorough and meets specifications.


We aim to enter into a mutually successful business partnership with our customers and understand that each customer is unique.

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